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My Thoughts on Hunter x Hunter Season 1! ☆ (Not Really Any Spoilers)

Now season 1 of Hunter x Hunter, (HxH), I thought was actually pretty good! From what I’ve heard other seasons got pretty boring at certain points, so with that in mind, season 1 wasn’t actually that boring, in my opinion at least. Sure, they’re were probably some boring episodes, but overall I liked it andContinue reading “My Thoughts on Hunter x Hunter Season 1! ☆ (Not Really Any Spoilers)”

Demon Slayer Movie – Mugen Train – (!Not my thoughts on the movie!)

Soo I recently finished demon slayer lol, andd the demon slayer movie, Mugen Train, recently came out in America as well!! I really want to watch it before it leaves theaters, and if I do i’ll definitely come here to let y’all know how it was! Mugen Train Official Trailer!

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